Frequently Asked Questions

» What is ClickFair?
Clickfair is a GPT website ( Get Paid To ) that connects advertisers with potential customers. Advertisers can purchase different advertising packages and our members complete those offers and then get paid. Our members can also earn by completing daily surveys and other free tasks at our Offerwalls. Clickfair also rewards members for referring new members. The more new members you refer to Clickfair, the more you can potentially earn.
» Is Clickfair really free?
Yes, Clickfair is completely free.

Our advertisers and affiliate networks pay us and we pay you.

At no point do you ever need to spend any money with us. Clickfair is free to all our worldwide members.
» What are the different advertisement options available?
We have 4 different PTC adverts available;

- (1) Micro Ad , displayed for 5 seconds
- (2) Mini Ad, displayed for 15 seconds
- (3) Standard Ad, displayed for 30 seconds
- (4) Extended Ad displayed for 60 seconds

We also have the following advertising options available;

FIXED PTC ADS, you pay a daily fee. You get unlimited hits. Members must click your advert to earn. Ads stay active for a full 24hrs.

PAID TO SIGNUP ADS, you can pay to get real signups to your website or product.

BANNER ADVERTISING, you can purchase banner exposures and have your site banner displayed on Clickfair.

LOGIN BANNER ADS, these adverts are shown to our members daily when they first login to the site.

We are continually adding more advertising options ....
» What advertisements are not allowed?
We do not allow any forms of casino/gambling, multi-level marketing, HYIP, illegal products, illegal services, illegal downloads, pharmacy, drug, weapons, hate speech or adult advertising on Clickfair. Please see our terms and conditions for more details.
» What payment options are available?
Currently we are offering PayPal, Payza Neteller, Solid Trust Pay.

All payments made to Clickfair are non-refundable. However, if you are unhappy with your advertising then please do let us know and we will work with you to resolve the issue.
» How can i earn money?
You can earn money at Clickfair in 4 different ways;

- (1) View our PTC ads every day.

- (2) Complete our "paid to signup" offers daily.

- (3) Refer new members to Clickfair - we currently pay you up to 50% of everything your referrals earn at our site ( on MICRO, MINI and FIXED ads only at this time)

-(4) You can complete offers on our 8 different Offerwalls and convert the coins into cash.
» What is the minimum cash-out threshold?
Our minimum cash-out threshold is only $1.00 ( first cash withdrawal )

After each successful withdrawal your cash-out level will increase by $1.00 until you reach $5.00
$5.00 then becomes your regular minimum cash-out threshold.

- 1st withdrawal level is $1.00
- 2nd withdrawal level is $2.00
- 3rd withdrawal level is $3.00
- 4th withdrawal level is $4.00
- 5th and all future withdrawal levels are $5.00

» What is your refund policy?
As per our TERMS & CONDITIONS we generally do not offer refunds on purchases.

However, if you are completely unhappy with your purchase then please do contact us and we will work with you to resolve the issue. Contact us directly ( via our support system ) and we will strive to resolve the issue amicably.
» How do i refer new members?

To start referring new members please go to your account page and you can get your unique referral link and banners from the menu.

To attract referrals there are lots of different strategies you could use.

A lot of members will buy cheap advertising at other websites.

Many other members simply post their link and banners on forums, free sites, Facebook, twitter and blogs.

Free Members & Premium Members can refer and UNLIMITED number of new members. There is NO referral limit.

There is no 'right' method to get new referrals. A combination of any of the above options is probably a good place to start.

Please read our forums for additional tips and stategies.
» How much can i earn from referrals?
It's really just depends on how many referrals you have and how many clicks they make on a daily basis.
You should look at our Payment Proof page to see how much money our daily members are earning each day.

We pay you up to 50% (for premium members) of every click your referrals make on the MICRO, MINI & FIXED ad exposures.
There is currently no referral earnings on the STANDARD or EXTENDED ad exposures.

Members do not earn any money from referrals who complete our Paid To Signup offers or Offerwall offers.

Sales commission is held back for 30 days to help prevent fraud and to protect us from potential refunds. However, you can see pending commissions in your account home page. Special Advertising Packs ( one-time promotions that we sometimes offer ) are exempt from our commission program. All other advertising & upgrades are 100% eligible.
» Does Clickfair rent or sell referrals?
No. We do not rent or sell referrals so please do not ask.
» Why is my account suspended?
Accounts are suspended if a members has tried to cheat our system.

We use sophisticated anti-cheat protection systems to protect our members and our advertisers.

There are many different reasons why your account might be banned.

Changing IP, using Proxy IP addres, Fake address details, Multiple Accounts are all reasons for account suspension. Cheaters are blocked for life. No second chances!

If you feel you have been unfairly banned then please do send us a support ticket.

Accounts that are inactive for a period of 60 days are also automatically suspended. Please see our terms and conditions for more details on our Inactivity Policy.
» What is Prize Page?
Prize Page is our free-to-play ad viewing game.

Members watch sponsor adverts for 10 seconds and have a chance of winning coins.

Free members receive 25 free Prize Page Points daily.
Premium members receive 75 free Prize Page Points daily.

1 Prize Point = 1 free play.

Prize Page is in BETA mode at the moment.
We will continue to improve it based on member feedback.
» Is there a direct referral limit?
No, you can refer an unlimited number of new members. There is no limit.
» What are Offerwalls ?
Crowdflower, Virool videos, TrialPay, PeanutLabs, TokenAds Matomy, SuperSonic Ads & SuperRewards are Offer Walls.

You can earn COINS at these offer walls and then convert those coins into cash.
Each offer you complete successfully credits your account with coins.
It can take up to 30 days for coins to be successfully credited to your account. It depends on the advertisers.
You can view your coin history and pending coin approvals by viewing the "coin history" feature within your account.

100 COINS = $1.00 USD

Please be aware that we have absolutely no control over what offers get credited by our advertisers. The advertiser decides if and when to credit you for an offer. We have no say in the matter.

There are no referral earnings from our offer wall features.
Any member found to be cheating on our offer walls will be banned from our site immediately.
» What are Paid To Signup offers?
Paid To Signup offers are adverts where you must register with our advertiser website and provide proof that you actually completed the offer successfully and followed the instructions completely.

The advertiser will specific the exact terms of the offer.

You must read and understand the terms and then complete the offer as required.
When you submit the offer then the advertiser will have 72hrs to approve the offer or deny the offer.

If the advertiser approves the offer then the money will automatically be credited to your account.
If the advertiser denies the offer then you will not be paid.

Important Information (MEMBERS)

To prevent abuse of the system we will automatically block any member who is denied TEN(10) or more times from any offers.
It is important that you only submit offers where you have actually completed the offer correctly.

Important Information (ADVERTISERS)
To prevent abuse of the system we will automatically block any any advertiser who intentionally denies a valid offer.
It is important that the advertiser promotes a reasonable offer.
Please do not post any offer where our members need to make a purchase or upgrade.
Please do not post an offer where the member cannot reasonably complete the offer within a 24hr time period.
Admin will evaluate any DENY/REJECTED offers within 24hours of you submitting them for review ( but usually sooner )

You do not earn any referral earnings from Paid To Signup offer completions.

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